In the hopes of saving a dying world, humanity, driven to the brink of ruin, has sought to replace what was lost by creating replacements via genetic engineering. Their dabbling had backfired, leading to events that resulted in the First War. We see through the eyes of two borne of the events via the GENESIS project, who will face their villains, the project's victims and ultimately their own personal demons.


4 years after the War of Repentance, peace returns slowly to the world, but for some, this was not a privilege granted to them. Take a look at the lives of the civilians and the story of 2 victims of the First War. From the Battle of Antarctica, the formation of the Civilian Rebellion to the events of the War of Repentance.

Dwayne O'Donovan, member of the Civilian Rebellion and WING secret agent after the War. Just as this adoptive father have done prior to his death. However, looking back at his reason for taking on the responsibility and reflecting on his tormented past, the scars that remain are deep and serves as a reminder of a broken childhood, as well as a blood debt forged between him and an old enemy, friend, and almost lover.

Lucine Demidovsky, another member of the Civilian Rebellion, now living the life she once hoped for - with a loving family. Together with former Wing Lieutenant Tsukiko Cve,fomer Major River Cve and Muireann Cve, another victim in the GENESIS Project. However, after the War, she is haunted by vague memories of her distant past that seems more than just an illusion from her amnesia. Lucine seeks out to retrace her fragmented memories, which unravels a bloodied past.

One, an orphan that was subjected to the torture and harsh reality in the Underground world that is connected to the corrupt Government. Another, as the first generation of alternate clones serving as the catalyst for the second War, but saved by a woman that has faded into memory.

Enemies lost in despair,trapped in a blood debt. As they seek solace and comfort in Antarctica, a partnership is formed. Until the War of Repentance occurs where they must choose and face the sins they have left behind and themselves.


This comic is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the Author's imagination or are used fictionously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Also its rated M-18 for a reason.Or 2. Okay multiple reasons - for nudity,drugs and violence etc.

About its origins

An old korean abandoned project by Liquid Brain - Plastic Flower, also a song by Lena Park.Animes. And epic Akira Yamaoka,Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Tsukiko Amano.

But when did all this actually start? From the messed up head of a 13 year old girl in 2006, who spent more time writing under the table than studying Elementary Math.

The Head and Hand behind the papers

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